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Coronavirus: Footage shared of patients held 'in quarantine'
Footage appearing to show people held in quarantine in a makeshift facility in Wuhan, has been shared across social media.

Lonely life for South Sudan student in lockdown city

Jalal Chol
Jalal Chol

Jalal Chol, a South Sudanese student in Wuhan, tells BBC OS what life is like in the Chinese city at the centre of the new coronavirus outbreak which has been lockdown for two weeks.

He says that in total there are 14 South Sudanese students in Wuhan at about seven universities.

Wuhan is quiet. There’s no transport. All metro lines are closed. It used to be very busy but because of the disease some people are scared so everyone is just in his place.

During the day sometimes we go out and walk around the campus but you don’t find anyone to talk to. You go and just take some air and come back to your room.

Most of the information we get from the Chinese government but for me as an individual most of my information I get from the BBC, because if you walk outside you can’t talk to anyone. So the source of information is quite limited because we are just scared.

We are just following instructions. They told us don’t go outside, be in your place, don’t visit even your colleague in his room.

In my campus there were more than 400 international students but now the students here are around 100 and something.

My government, they are saying we have to be indoors and they will update us what they will do, maybe if they can evacuate or they can provide for us something.

My family in South Sudan are concerned. But we need to tell them we are safe, we are good and actually in the university we are very safe. We are taking all the precautions.

This disease is serious and dangerous but I have confidence that in time it will be controlled and everything will go back to normal.”